Sunday, June 06, 2010

Some Slim Shred of Sanity Still Prevails In Prescott, AZ

A member of the City Council, a goitered, gloating gringo named Blair, had (operant case: past) a radio program on the local rightwing out-flow, on which he berated the city for prominently featuring the physiognomy of a child whose physical characteristics were distinctly non-caucasian. This 'diversity" drove Blair into a tizzy, and he prevailed upon the school-board, at least initially, to modify the image on the building, and lighten the skin-tone of the central and most prominent figure in the mural. The Board agreed, until the story hit the web and the national reaction began to pour into parochial, little Prescott.

"On June 5th, 2010 in Prescott, AZ, Miller Valley Elementary School principal Jeff Lane and Prescott Unified School District Superintendent Kevin Kapp admit they made a mistake and apologize for their decision to lighten children's faces on the "Go Green" mural painted on the side of the school."

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John L said...

Good so far. Next, when do principal Lane and superintendent Kapp lose their jobs?

They're public officials who have demonstated a shocking lack of moral sense (not to mention courage). It is not safe to put people like that in charge of children.

Sure, they apologized. I'm sure they aresorry, too, but that's just not good enough. They're the first line of defense for the children in their care, and they caved.