Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A 10-Year Ban On The DC Revolving Door? Great Idea, But...

39 Tea Party party candidates will be inaugurated into the House of Representatives come February. It has just become exponentially LESS likely that ANY reforms Cenk urges here will EVER be adopted.

Who is going to vote to FUCK the Owners?

Short Answer: No Fucking Body! If yesterday's results demonstrated one thing, it is that the day of even the faux-independent is OVER. CorpoRats win, where a LOT of money can make a BIG difference, in small district, House races, local and state races, judgeships, etc.

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Mauigirl said...

I'm afraid he is being pretty disengenous in his rant. Basically that's what the Tea Partiers did - threw out the established incumbents. But if progressives did the same thing, we'd still end up with gridlock, because there'd just be two factions with totally different visions for what America is about, fighting, and the middle section of the Congress (the corporate part) would go on as usual. What we really need is a viable third party - but there can never be one with all the money being behind the established two parties. It's Catch-22. As for corporations not being people, too late, sorry, the Supreme Court already said they were. So what does he expect anyone to do about THAT? I agree with him but what else can we do but vote for the lesser of the two evils?

Despite the disappointments of the past two years, the Obama administration has nevertheless made progress in a number of areas that progressives should support. The problem is they don't really notice.