Thursday, April 07, 2011

"WE ARE..." "UNION!" "WE ARE..." "UNION."

Oligarchs! Owners! Bosses! Fear THIS!

The Miners' union has gone out against all the coal companies in Alabama. There's NOTHING on ANY "News" abnout this ANYWHERE, according to Glynn Wilson, blogger and regional reporter, via his FaceBook page today.

It's exactly the stridency and the barely restrained militancy that GOPukes, and the Owners, too, fear so much they are struggling to disband them. In the age of predatory, disaster-driven, manichean capital, labor solidarity is the ONLY antidote. Shamwow and the Dims are complicit by their faint-heartedness in support of labor's struggle. That, in itself, is damning.

Of course, St. Barry, the Pale, is in a bind. He cannot take up labor's standard for fear of enacting the racist canard that he's "just one of them." So, while a fucknozzle like the Chimperor Bush need have made NO effort as President to distance himself from, or to avoid being seen to advance a particularly GOPUKE agenda, Obama steps into a rhetorical/political trap if HE advocates for the Dem's constituency. I've said all along, I almost feel sorry for him.

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