Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Echoing an Earlier Sentimeng: "We Shall Not be Moved..."

It's nice to have the juxtaposition of Sec. Clinton admiring the demonstrators of the so-called "Arab Spring" but atr the same time (well, later, really) disparaging the efforts of the crowds at the Occupy! to accomplish the same things: being heard, having a voice in their own political futures, and shit like that.

Unless, as I have thought all along, and as Sec. Clinton well knows, the "rebellions" around the Northern Mediterranean this year were NOT about political aspirations of the people, but were instead about changing the names on the deposit slips in those overseas banks where the Rulers and Oligarchs stash the booty they steal from "their people," and Clinton realizes that that is EXACTLY how futile will be the USer demonstrations are and will be.

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