Monday, November 07, 2011


Herman Cain, the Right-wing Oreo-millionaire businessman who's 'running for the presidency' on the GOPhux side, was revealed recently to have paid hush-money to at LEAST three women for assaulting and insulting and sexually harassing them while he was the chief lobbyist for the Restaurant Association in DC. The first three complainants decided to forego the p[ublic scrutiny and potential humilition of mking their complaints public.

But now a fourth woman has come forward, represented by the bane of male turpitude of ALL kinds and descriptions, Gloria Allred, with GRAPHIC details of Cain's behavior, which included uninvited, unwanted physical contact, and a blatant quid-pro-quo come-on, promising a job lobbying with the RA in exchange for having sex with him...

The video beneath is Cain's reply to these allegations, as well as to the nearly unanimous condemnations he's received from the Black political community leaders, including Cornell West, Ishmael Reed, Glen Ford, and Harry Bellafonte.

Do NOT feel compelled to watch this.***

***But if you do, make sure YOU have the handy, brand NEW! Popeil pocket vomitoreum by your side, to capture the undigested remains of your lunch. This Cain fucker could gag an Orc.

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