Friday, December 23, 2011

No, No, Not News!

!(WWH) by Dr. Woody

"Truth" someone said, most often has a decidedly "liberal" cast.

There persists a serious canard about the nature of USer "media," which is universally accused by the Fucktard Right of some kind of "liberal bias" when the radicals on the right want to demonize anyone who is willing to suggest that 'truth' doesn't always--or even usually) conform to the delusions springing from the painfully misshapen skulls of the Rightwing Fucktard militias, etc....

The "real truth" is that majority of the media (TV, radio, internet, print, movies, books, billboards, even ISPs) is owned by big corporations which strive endlessly, and loudly, to protect the radical conservative agenda of which they are the primary sponsors. The CorpoRat/SCUM "press" are the wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Rightard Oligarchs, Aristos, and Elites. Their reach is enormous, and their ties bind ever so tightly.

This article was produced simply as a counter-weight to the claim by the radical right wing that all media is liberal. From big news outlets to small time blogs, there are many dozens--probably HUNDREDS--of sites that you want to avoid when trying to get good news and information. This is a list--admittedly incomplete and in no particular order--of 50, or so of the worst--that is, the least reliably truthful, most evidently bullshit-filled--places you could go to get your news. These are sites at which you should exercise EXTREME caution and careful judgment before passing along ANY information they purvey.
1. Fox News 2. Rush Limbaugh 3. Glenn Beck 4. Michael Savage (nee. Michael Weiner) 5. Alex Jones (the most credulous skeptic ever) 6. The Heritage Foundation (Koch money) 7. The Wall Street Journal (Murdockian Editorial page) 8. Neal Boortz (his first piece of ass was) 9. Sean Hannity 10. Bill O'Reily

Also: 11. 12. National Review (including NRO) 13. Mark Levin (Wadda butt-hole!) 14. The Weekly Standard (the OTHER "Billy Crystol") 15. Washington Times (Moonies) 16. The American Conservative (Rod Dreher,* for fux sake?) 17. The Drudge Report (the name says it all) 18. The Cato Institute (more Koch money) 19. Media Research Center (Brent "Bozo" Bozell'd gag an orc) 20. (Freeper "News" Central)

Ughlier: 21. Red State (Erick Erickson, now inexplicably employed by CNN) 22. Andew Breitbart's Big Government ("Did" ACORN, e.g.) 23. The American Cause (Pat ("in the original German") Buchanan) 24. Christian Coalition 25. The John Birch Society (OLD Koch money) 26. Citizens United (eponymously renowned) 27. Freedom Works (Dick's Armey) 28. Tea Party Express 29. Tea Party Patriots 30. No Left Turns (John Ashbrook at Ashland U)...

Plus: 31. News Busters ("Exposing & Combatting Liberal Media Bias"), 32. News Max (Ben Stein, George Will, etc; fucking dreadful) 33. The New York Post (Murdock's "racy" Tab) 34. Conservative HQ 35. Sirius radio "Patriot" (the only people who boast of being "patiots" are dicks) 36. Conservative American News 37. Conservative Daily News (their names say it all) 38. Judicial Watch (Larry Klayman; nuff said.) 39. The Source Daily ( "I think therefore I am Conservative") 40. Republican National Committee

Follwoed by: 41. American Spectator (R. Emmetic Tyrell) 42, Reason Magazine (Liberturdian codswallop) 43. Where Freedom Rings (batty in the bell-tower) 44. Conservapedia (bwahahahahahaha) 45. The Right Side of the Web 46. CNS News ("Christian" News) 47. Michael Reagan (the BAD seed) 48. Family Research Council (Dominionism Central, in Colo Spr.) 49. Conservative Underground 50. Hugh Hewitt (He's a Huge Twit!)

I'd add a couple more: 51: EUTimes (a skinhead/supremacist outfit) 52. WorldNewsDaily (G.Gordon Liddy's drivel? Really?) 53: The Washington Post (barely less status quo-partisan than the Moonie rag) 54: Human Events (mAnn Coulter's their "legal" expert) 55: Prison Planet (an Alex Jones off-shoot) 56: RT (American arm of the Russian State Propaganda agency; the folks who once brought you Pravda, Trud and Isvestia)
I'm sure there are more, but these will do. If you do happen to post anything from ANY of these sources, be aware that the reliability (i.e., "truth") of the matters will ALWAYS be in doubt. The original list I pulled off "The Examiner." I alone am responsible for the (italicized annotations. Please, feel free to augment or add to the list in COMMENTS below.

* I could have spared the world the insult to intelligence that is Rod Dreher: he was a student in TWO classes I taught at LSU J-School, back in the day, and I could have flunked the drooling tool but to my continuing regret, I didn't.)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

All those you listed have an audience, or they wouldn't exist.

Shoot the message, not the messenger(s).

Mr. Pelican said...

Nah, there are a lot of "messengers" out there too willing to put their own message ahead of what is either fact, or rational, reasoned discourse.
Tell me that Sean Hannity, Billy O., Sean, Ann Coulter I play with my food before I eat it Mann and every other talking head at Fux aren't selling themselves via a skewed "message".
There are some messengers who need to be shot.

Mr. Pelican said...

Furthermore, if the messengers weren't out there preaching their screed 24/7, most of their "audience" would revert silent passive aggression, as opposed to obnoxious
offensive ignorant bellicosity. OOIB. I may have just discovered a new condition.