Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ed Shultz: A Really STOOPIT Liberal...

Ed Schultz' rise to prominence on the "Left" is one of the great con-jobs of the last 5 years.
He was originally a LIMBOT-wannabe, an aspiring fascist mouthpiece. He wanted to be the fat, flapping fuckturd to whom the drooling drones of the Right flocked for instructions on how and what to think.
Then he allegedly underwent an epiphany, via his wife whom he calls a liberal.
But what really happened was that there ALREADY WAS a rightwing Nazi gass-bag on the air, and they didn't NEED another one, so he changed his stripes and started aiming ro become the "limbot of the Left."
But of course, one of the GOOD things about the left (pre-Barry, anyway) was that WE don't (didn't) need or especially WANT some pompous, spouting blubberbutt telling us what and/or how to think.
But he soldiered on, and got on 'liberal' radio (The Jones Bros Network, first), and thence (unaccountably) MSNBC.
He's dumber than a fucking post, and NOT any KIND of progressive. But: He drools Dim Blue.

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One Fly said...

Fucking a right. Several bloggers have been thrown off my place for accusing me of being the cause of bama's problems. Fuck Ed Shultz.

going fucking twice