Sunday, March 11, 2012

Los Alamos, NM, circa 1943

Props to my old pal Mike Lord for discovering this. IIrc, kids born in Los Alamos during the Project all have the same Santa Fe post office box as their "residence."

As late as the mid-'50s, there were still manned machine-gun posts around the perimeter, and a gate manned by armed MPs.
n 1943, the top scientists from the United States and other nations gathered in Los Alamos, NM for the Manhattan Project. Among them was physicist Hugh Bradner. With informal permission from the U.S. Army, he shot a collection of home movies of life in a place that officially didn't exist, and of people working on a project that ultimately changed history. His footage represents the only look at life in the Los Alamos area during that time. LA-UR 11-4449.

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