Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Pusilanimous Pundit

I thought Tom Brokaw was his usual, in-fucking-SUFFERABLE, self-serving, ass-licking, self-approving, self-excusing DICKish self on TDSWJS, last night;  a part which he played so successfully all those years when he played a "newsman" on television. He was quick with a quip about the Dims and GOPhux, but when the subject turned to the CorpoRat/SCUM/MSM "press," he was almost tongue-tied in his eagerness to excuse them and himself.

Stewart--whose gig is MEDIA criticism, not simply politics--pressed Brokaw (who should return 1/26th to his life-long salary for NEVER having been able to pronounce the letter "L") on the MEDIA--the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, of which Brokaw is now one of the living "legends"-- on their "performance" in NOT holding the GOPhux speakers in Tampa to any kind of, you know, umm, standards of actual, fucking "TRUTH," and Brokaw almost swallowed his tongue in evasions and temporizing bullshit! What a fucking, truckling WEAKLING the man is.

The first two segments have some funny lines, to them here:

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