Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today Is The 39th Anniversary Of The Assassination Of Martin Luther King

I listened to all of NPR's All Things Considered tonight, and also consulted their program listing and menu without finding or hearing a single reference to today being the anniversary of the assassination of the greatest African-American leader of the 2oth Century, and one of only a handful of authentically "great" Americans, the giant of the civil rights movement, Rev. Martin Luther King.

It will be of, at least, sociological interest to note, in June (6th), whether the equally obscure 39th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy's assassination expires un-remarked by the nationally, public So-Called-Unbiased-Media.

We might then test the proposition that pentennial memorials of fallen heroes are the only ones to be noted officially? Except for white martyrs?

Meanwhile, at TruthOut.Org, Jeff Cohen and Norman Soloman provide a fitting eulogy for the assassinated leader which is true to his development as more than a 'civil rights' leader, into a true leader of an emergent "Opposition." They don't say it, but it was this evolution that probably got King killed.


A Tabla Rasa said...

But doesn't it count if we celebrate his birth?

By taking the day off from work?


Damned right, and thank you for reminding me. I knew the day, but hadn't realized what the date is...

Daniel said...

The great African-American leader was born on this same day of the 20th Century,today I will tell all of my friends on and we will observe this great man and this especial day.