Thursday, September 02, 2010

Obama: A Big--And Bad--Gamble in Arizona?

Goddard should be a lock in the Arizona Governor's race. Especially after this (vid, below). He kicks Brewer's ass, and she doesn't seem to see the damage she's doing to her credibility. This should be a death blow to her candidacy.

But that ain't the way it is. She's polling at 65%.


For one thing, the hundreds of thousands of snowbirds who'll be voting for Brewer in November are still back up in the midwest and elsewhere...they won't have heard about it, and if they did, they'd VALORIZE the behavior" "She didn't let those smart-ass media bullies push her around!"

Another thing is: Throw out logic, rationality and reason. They do not apply. If logic mattered, if rationality were an issue, if reason were in fucking use, Goddard should kick her saggy, satchel ass.

Like he does in the vid below.

But this election is not about, nor is the vocabulary situated in, anything like a reasoned, rational, logical universe. It's about seething class and ethnic resentments, deep antagonisms, racial superiority (and consequent inferiority): about who/what is "American." Those issues are closer to the surface in Arizona this year than anywhere in the last 50 years, since the days of Wallace and Maddox and Thurmond.

To make matters worse, St. Barry seems to have managed to make Arizona a referendum on himself. His posture on the SB 1070 matter could be read, if one were so inclined, as a direct challenge to Gov. Brewer, and to Arizona's (nominal) "sovereignty."

It's one hell of a gamble, and I think it loses...

Hope I'm wrong...Doubt it...

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