Tuesday, September 07, 2010

If You Control The Food, You Control The Mob

I'll bet Cicero, or one of those guys said it first, in Latin, back in the 'bread & circuses' times.

This is one of those issues that shouldn't be ignored, but sounds so extreme that it evokes images of "conspiracy." But tyrants through history have know that if you control the food, you control the mob.
Dr Rima Laibow MD tells how massive public PUSH BACK has held of the forced industrialization of food bill, S.510 in the US Senate, since last November. Now the PUSH BACK must continue or we risk the bill being rushed through in September as a "noncontroversial" unanimous consent bill. Action Item at www.healthfreedomusa.org to educate decision makers.

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Liberality said...

okay, I've signed the petition. thanks for the heads up!