Friday, March 18, 2011

The Confidence Game

Hartmann and I disagree on whether or not there is time to effect structural change through existing institutions. It took the Kochsters--the John Birch Society, et al--almost 50 years, and countless BILLIONS of dollars to finally corrupt the system enough (they call it, deceptively, "gaming") to install their shills and lickspittles and scabs in gummint to finally take over and deliver it.

We don't have that kind of time, or money, or even numbers.

Sorry 'bou'dat!

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Charles D said...

I like so much of what Hartmann says, and I've been reading and listening to him for years. He has two very serious flies in his ointment. He still believes that Democrats are really allied with the working man, and he still believes that we can achieve real change through the political process. He is dead wrong on both counts.

Our Constitution was designed to protect the rights of property - the rich and the slaveholders - from the depredations of the rude masses. What once protected plantation owners who only exploited a few hundred black people apiece, now protects multinational corporations who exploit tens of thousands of people. If we want freedom and democracy and a decent life for ourselves and our children, then we will have to do more than write letters to the editor and show up for rallies in the "free-speech zone" a few miles from where the rich decide our fate. I keep clicking "Like" on Facebook and nothing changes.