Sunday, January 08, 2012

Diane Ravitch: Making Amends (Sorta)

In the '80s, she was a full-fledged Raygunner, working enthusiastically with bilious Bill Bennett, Chucker Finn, and others to torpedo "liberal,' child-centered pedagogy. She's one of the intellectual progenitors of the whole educational philosophy which underlies NCLB, as well as O'bombster's shameful Race To The Top.
I doubt she can perform sufficient penance to assuage my dislike for her...

And all that "high-stakes" testing? Ummmm, mebbe NOT so good an idea, eh, Diane?
Some of us were telling you this at the time. Remember, Diane? Do ya?

Here's her address to the 2011 AASA Convention, in which she addresses 'reform' head-on, though without reference to here own participation:

Part II

and Part III

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