Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Are NOT Making Shit Up Just To "Diss" Obombster

Woody thinks Maher is occasionally amusing (though his "panels" often suck shit, such as the one the other night with that running-sore Kennedy and Dana Rohrbacher, who appears to have a herpes lesion on his lip), but this rant, and the associated commentary by Politico seriously demonstrates how full of shit he (and Politico) actually ARE when it comes to their "fair-skinned" boy.

Maher chides the RIGHT for their paranoia about what they think Shabama MIGHT do.

Then Politico chimes in with an extra lick at the "paranoid" Lefties. Watch, then read: "There are some members of the far left who have embraced the right’s politics of fear and use it for their own profit and gain to attack Obama. (Why should conservatives be the only ones who cash in on fear?)"

Somebody needs to give Politico a FUCKING clue! We critics of Obombster on the Left aren't criticizing a chimera.

We do not simply FEAR that he will unleash drones on American citizens to kill them overseas, or sign legislation which permits the indefinite detention of "enemies" because that's what he ALREADY done.

We do not merely FEAR tht he will hand the tatters of thhe social safety net over to those who want to destroy it, because he has ALREADY done that.

We do not FEAR that he will hand the economy BACK to the very rat-bastards who sank it in the first place, because he has ALREADY done that.

We do not only FEAR that he will expand the scope and scale of USer military adverntures in the world because he's ALREADY done that.

Which is to say, contrary to Politicor/Maher's assertions, we are NOT criticizing an "IMAGINARY" Obombster.

Oh, YEAH, baby! Barry's the "Real" thing.

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Charles D said...

That show was almost unwatchable. Between the Kennedy/obsequios fruitcake parade and shouting match, and Maher's paeans to Obama, it was sickening.

So if the Obamanauts convince enough "progressives" to hold their noses and vote for him based on his killer SOTU speech or whatever, then they'll put up Romney because they'll need a real challenge. If "progressives" decide to sit it out, they'll trot out Newt to scare us into voting for the Obamster. It's disgusting.