Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've Never Been Killed Before. But There's Always A First Time

Your Obedient Svt, as Austin Bourgeoisie, circa 1865
In Frontiersman Mufti, circa 1855
With My Killer....

It's Just Karma, That's All
Over the next couple of days, I am slated to become one of the 'innocent citizens' of Austin, TX, circa 1857, who pays with his life for the slaughter in which I participated some weeks ago as a murderous frontiersman (a role I shall be reprising, later in June).

My demise comes about in the big raid of the Comanche and the Kiowa against the Texican settlements along the Brazos and Trinity Rivers, in the aftermath of the Council House Massacre. The Hostiles, under the direction of the Comanche war chief, Buffalo Hump, attacked Austin at dawn, and caught the town asleep. Paniced townsfolk responded by dashing radomly into the streets, many in their night-clothes, and were pretty efficiently dispatched. The attackers killed a bunch of people, burned some of the buildings, and ran off a lot of stock.

The attack was the subject of filming today and yesterday; to be followed by burning down a couple of buildings. Except the wind kicked up, and the fire was postponed. But the attack went off, albeit a bit fitfully.

Background: There were members of just about every pueblo and tribe in the entire region in the attacking party; plus the film crew also brought 50 Blackfoot riders from Montana. The Indians were mounted bareback. The Indian warriors wore traditional paint, carried traditional neolithic weapons (bows/arrows, lances, tomahawks, and stone clubs). The Indians were mounted bareback. They looked fookin' impressive, I'll tell ya. (I couldn't take fotos today, cuz the production company's imposed a ban on cameras on set: apparently some star-struck nitwits were sticking their cameras in the faces of the principals, always a distinct no-no.) They were already mounted and in place around the set when we towns-folks arrived on set on the busses. It was eery.

Unfortunately, not all of the riders were quite up to the task; that and some of the stock was a little rank. I have always muttered in frustration when cavalry action is filmed and there's always one kinda overweight member of the riders who rides slowly and carefully and flaps their arms as they go. Such a rider wouldn't have been among a serious raiding party. But they're pretty much features of filmic cavalry actions. In any case, every charge of the attacking hostiles up Commerce Street today was attended by at least one of the attackers being unceremoniously unhorsed, in a couple of cases incurring minor injuries.

Still, they wrapped the panoramic shots of the Hostile raiding party charge today: over 100 riders going hard up a street no more than 25 yards wide. Right up to the steps of the Texas State Capitol Building, lovingly recreated in faux for the set. Most of 'em were damn fine horsemen. It's not an easy thing to ride a charging horse bareback, with no stirrups and only a rope halter/hackamore for control, and while brandishing paleolithic weaponry. Tomorrow, they'll start with the incidental stuff, and that is where is shall meet my untimely extirpation; dressed, by the way, in boots, long-handles, a shirt and a bowler.

The fire is set to go tomorrow, too, which should be darn impressive...

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi....


Hecate said...

You handsome devil, you.

The Old Man From Scene 24 said...

I always knew you were a Hollywood Liberal, Woody.

chicago dyke said...

u've seen 'shaka zulu?' same thing. can't show those brown heathens being overtly "victorious' now can we? might make da white Man ('s little cock) nervous..

i so love u have a blog now. hope 2 see U @ kosvegas or EC@, friend.

/forgive my broken arm "typing." please./

ntodd said...

Should we have a wake for you?

Interrobang said...

That's too cool! I love your kit and your beard is great! Your frontiersman drag looks like stuff that would have fit in very nicely at some of the War of 1812-14 events I've been to. I'm usually amongst the sutlers, given that I have the wrong body type to be amongst the combatants.

Of course, coming as I do to 1812 reenactment by way of the SCA, I still think it's halfway cheating to know who's going to win the battle before it starts. *grin* Here's a somewhat old picture of me, for comparison purposes. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you donating your organs?

By the way, I went to a private showing of a soft porn flick made on my cousin's Costa Rican finca, they burn cane there to clear the last year's crop, that was a lovely revolutionary type of background for a part of the film.