Thursday, May 04, 2006

One More Time!

Please, folks. Can we get past the 'incompetence' meme?

The busheviks are NOT incompetent.

Just as the folks who complain about the inefficiency and incompetence of USer school system misunderstand the purpose of USer schools (i.e., sorting, according to SUNY Prof. Joel Spring), the folks who claim the busheviks are incompetent do not understand what their true purpose is...

The busheviks were installed in 2000 and maintained in 2004 by the corporate oligarchy for a very narrow range of purposes. First: to undermine as much as possible every single recourse to which the citizens might appeal to resist the impinging power of the CorpoRat State; to annihilate the public or common institutions and instruments by which the people might seek such recourse; and to ruin the trust of the citizenry in those instutions and instruments by conspicuously flauting their authorities....

In this they have been nearly faultless, and flawless.

It requires intelligence approaching genius, far more than wholly improbable runs of phenomenal luck, to identify, locate, and exploit exactly the weakest points in the Constitutional guarantees, and to demolish the protective institutions that have grown up in the shadow of the presumptions of freedom.

This is not the work of some inscrutable, interstellar fate, nor is it the result of the bumblings of buffons and incompetents. There are intimations here of sheer genius--albeit of the most malevolent and malign sort. It is not unlike the artistry with which Slimebot works the dittoheads (NB: Ed Schultz is developing a coterie of "Ed heads," fer shit's sake). They KNOW what they are doing, they know why they are doing it, and they are thinking about what what they are doing does. (Foucault is, i fear, vindicated).


Anonymous said...

Disagree. Not only do I think they're incompetent, I am sure if they were better at overturning the basic system of laws, that they'd have avoided the controversy they've got, especially with conservatives.


sightunseen said...

I've given this matter some thought, as to the extent that I am capable,,, not the first time I read your expression of this idea,, its kinda growin' on me though,, it does seem inescapable given the bills that we are paying and that we will continue to pay,, in lives lost,
economic turmoil and the death of another amerikan dream. I was like the above poster for some time,, then I changed my frame of reference or something,, and your idea just seems to make sense,, an active mutilation of a quasi-democratic system,, in our lifetime. damn.

alberich said...

I like to call what BushCO engages in strategic incompotence.

They are incompetent about their jobs in that they cannot do them well. But it is stategic in that the incompetence is part of the whole point.

As Einsenhower might point out, they might not even conciously realize what they are doing (pace WGG and Foucault), but that doesn't mean that they do not have specific motivations for remaining "incompetent".

zid said...

There seems to be many streams of malevolent, greedy, paranoid, xenophobic, controling, elitist, behavior at work. They all work like grease in the machine of a dark side of human evolution. The machine controlls and grinds up resources, as well as human dignity as if dropped off by fedex for todays Orwellian industrial co(n) plex. Make more shiny trinquets shouts the puppet masters. The Corporation as state with GDP's larger than countries pushing and pulling and manipulating for the bottom line. One can only wonder how far, how evil, how cold and calculating in human life this machine is? For that reason it is easy to see why some may feel the box cutter pilots took the metaphorical corporate limo to the air port in Boston and New York one morning in September. Would the cold, dark, genius of the machine go that far? Will it go farther? What's a little executive priveledge among fiendz!

TheaLogie said...

What Ruth said.

What did Joel Spring say about sorting? Have you a link for that?
I presume he meant removing the undesirables from the upper echelons of the economy, but I wouldn't like to second-guess.

konopelli/WGG said...

Spring, an Ojibway (?, not sure about tribal affiliation), wrote-- and has several times amended-- a widely ignored book in the '80s, which should still be available in either used or archived collections, called "The Sorting Machine: National Educational Policy Since 1945."
He postulates that the purpose of the "American school" is to provide evidence supporting the a priori decisions which assign USer children to the castes and civic roles into which they were born.