Thursday, April 17, 2008

"GOD Must Have Something Special In Mind For Us!"

De Lord's Handiwork?

So say the (White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant) missionaries who weren't killed or injured in a terrible plane crash in the Congo the other day. They all walked away, singing the praises of their Lord...

Their "God" was, however, apparently done with the several dozen (Black, African--coincidence?) Congolese who died horribly or were mutilated, burned, maimed, and disfigured when the plane failed to take off and slammed into a crowded market in the same incident.

This ("God Must Really hate Black People")is one of the reasons why the 'faithful' really don't like Prof. PZ Myers.

Me? A big fan of Pharyngula...Why?

(PS. Posted (and probably functionally ignored) on MLW and WWL...

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Anonymous said...

If there is a "God", he(and it's definitely a he)is a white man. How else do you explain the hissy fits of destruction when "He" is not properly worshipped or otherwise paid attention to?