Sunday, April 27, 2008

"He's an isnpiration to us all."

ThinkProgress has a story up about ESPN Magazine which has a cover-story on athletes and prostethics, featuring an Army vet who had part of his leg blown off in Iraq but who still plays basketball on his mechanical leg.
The newest issue of ESPN The Magazine highlights “bionic athletes” in its cover story, looking “into the lives of athletes who represent the future of sports and prosthetics.” One of the athletes featured on its cover is Iraq war veteran Jerrod Fields of Chula Vista, CA, who “uses a leg prosthetic to play basketball.” The 25-year old Army sergeant, who has been awarded both a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, was wounded in Iraq in Feb. 2005.
What this story, and those like it, do is 1) give camouflage to the Regime and covers up enormous injuries and damages done to Murkins dumb enough to enlist in this clusterfoock, and 2) provide club with which the aschlochs in the Regime and outside can cudgel injured, damaged, ruined veterans who do NOT have the (personal and social) resources the poster-boy has. It makes it seem that, if a damaged vet isn’t able to go out for the Lakers, that they are somehow personally at fault for their injuries, or their inability to overcome them. It gives ammunition to the people who want to stint on veterans' care, poses an unnaturally high bar for sympathy, and in the end blames the victims, not the Regime that senselessly sent them to their injury and destruction.

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