Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The People & The Damage Done

Legacy of Agent Orange
A group of boys play together at a center for Agent Orange victims in Danang, Vietnam, May 21, 2007. More than 30 years after the Vietnam War ended, the poisonous legacy of Agent Orange has emerged anew with a scientific study that has found extraordinarily high levels of health-threatening contamination at the former U.S. air base at Danang.
(David Guttenfelder/AP Photo)
I know everyone is all a-tingle with anticipation to see how the newest generation of US perpetual damage munitions (PDM) will work themselves through the gene pool of our Iraqi victims.
Oh, wait!
That's not anticipation, it's radiation...From the million or so depleted uranium shells and explosives USer forces have fired in Iraq... Ooooops...

(Follow the link to (14 more) fotos, each of which is far more disturbing than this one.)

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Anonymous said...

Some years ago already women were giving birth to deformed babies because of the weapons in Iraq. I haven't read anything lately. It goes on forever. Will it ever end? End means having a world where we stop killing each others babies.