Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ethnic Cleansing Can Be FUN! Just Tweecher Friendz

First, regard this. An Israeli Corp's cell-fone ad, it is almost too crass for mere words.

Now, the rejoinder:

DOTOF™: Lenin'sTomb
Meanwhile, via Alternet:
Israel and the EU Clash Over Settlements

By Mel Frykberg, IPS News. Posted July 21, 2009.

Israel's actions are strangling the Palestinian economy and making Palestinians more reliant on foreign aid, the EU said.

RAMALLAH, Jul 13 (IPS) - The Israeli Foreign Ministry's concern over an "unusually harsh statement" by the European Commission over Israel's settlement policy indicates a growing unease between Israel and the EU.

The European Commission (EC), the executive arm of the EU, said that Israel's settlement policy in the West Bank was strangling the Palestinian economy and forcing Palestinians there to become more dependent on foreign aid.

"It is the European taxpayers who pay most of the price of this dependence," read the Jul. 6 EC statement.

According to the EC, expropriation of fertile Palestinian land for the settlements, the settler-only bypass roads which serve them, and the hundreds of West Bank checkpoints manned by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have stunted Palestinian economic growth.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) states that 509 million dollars is spent annually on maintaining Israeli settler roads and checkpoints. The bypass roads are meant to make it easier and quicker for Israeli settlers to reach Israel proper, while the checkpoints ostensibly serve their security.

OCHA released a report in June saying that nearly 30 percent of the West Bank, which under international law belongs to the Palestinians, has been expropriated by the Israelis as closed military zones and for nature reserves.

Together with Israel's more than 100 illegal settlements - home to approximately 500,000 settlers in East Jerusalem and the West Bank - approximately 40 percent of the territory has been taken by Israel.

The West Bank is divided into area A, which falls under Palestinian control, area B, which falls under both Israeli military and Palestinian civil control, and area C, which falls under full Israeli control.
Israel, like the USofA which supports it previously did, must quell the aspirations of its unassimilable native inmates. Israel, qua "state," cannot allow an even remotely equivalent power to exist within its borders. It must either cleanse or suppress the Arab Palestinians. this is the final, inexorable codicil of the "Real-Politik" Laws of Imperialist Statehood.

That they deny it does not mean they do not persist at it...

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