Friday, July 24, 2009

Muchos Kudos To "Bluegal!"

This is brilliantly clear and concise, and told with admirable restraint; but that is almost totally unimportant.

Because the issue at stake here, really, is not the existence of Obama's birth certificate. It is that the Birthers, who are 99.999999999% white folks, do not have the nerve to face the social opprobrium that might descend upon them if they were just standing there shouting "Obama's a fucking NIGGER, for fucks'sake. Can't you see that? He's a fucking NIGGER! Why won't you listen to me? He's A NIGGER!!!!" Such discourse might elicit the disapproval of even middull murka, so coarsely expressed. So they complain about the birth certificate, as loudly and as ferociously and as tenaciously as they would if they were cheering on a lynching.

(Note I said "might." Prowling the webs, one encounters feculent pustules of exactly that sentiment, which I suspect, on such evidence, is much more wide-spread than most in the "exceptionalist" establishment would be comfortable admitting. Also, I lived in Louisiana during one period when David Duke had some prominence, and heard far too often for my comfort that Duke was "only saying what needed to be said, just that he mightn't be the right fella to be saying it.")

I say this as a privileged, white, male, born in 1946, and raised in a discreetly and genteelly racist home, with educated parents, and who at a certain point recognized the viciousness of his own prejudices and worked diligently, if never completely successfully, to eradicate them: a "recovering" racist asshole, am I. Perhaps, just as it is alleged to take a thief to spot a thief, it takes a (reformed) racist to recognize the real deal on the hoof.


Flying Junior said...

Thanks for clearing that up Wood. I don't think I could have put my finger on it with such dead-eye accuracy.

themom said...

Well said. I'm stuck with the biological family members (I found 15 years ago or so), who are racist, pentecostal rolling in the aisles - asswipes. I can't even count how many of them never graduated high school - but presume to know everything. Being given up for adoption at least allowed me the opportunity for an education and a free will. Being raised in a very Repub household...I broke away, which allowed for some great conversations with my father. But we were by no means racist. Now these biologicals - racist is putting it mildly.

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Many of us were brought up thusly. At some point though, we each have an opportunity to change.

Good for you, for breaking that chain.

Feculant Pustule. That is my friend beautiful. A lovely usage of obscure obscenities couched as formal, perhaps even medical terminology.