Tuesday, February 09, 2010

If You Don't Have An Army, Tanks, Fighter-planes, How Do You Fight Back?

This vid was posted on FB this morning (amid the chaos of some kind of interface fuckup):

Muslim Children Trained to KILL ! ??
Palestineans lie and say their suicide bombers were actually murdered by Jews in order to receive humanitarian aid. Interviews with the children prove that the palestinean children are taught to be murderers

I shall repeat the subsequent colloquy here, protecting the identity of my interlocutor:
ME Been to the "game" store lately? The USArmy uses video games featuring graphic violence and jingoism to recruit in the ghetto...
(4 hours ago) ·

Him/Her its still not equivalent to catching a kuffar on street, and showing children how to kill him (including in some cases, where children used knife to cut throat of adult )...
(4 hours ago)

ME Arabs are resisting the continued expropriation of their historic homes by Israel. Isreal won't stop doing that, you know? No way. Isreal has (real-politik) territorial ambitions: to consolidate all the land between the Jordan and the Sea, between Lebanon and Aqaba under Israeli hegemionic control. Israel has no reason to recognize Palestinian autonomy and dozens of reason not to.

Israel-qua-State has no incentive to recognize a sovereign State within its borders, and has plenty of incentive not to. A sovereign Palestinian state could demand negotiations over land, water, etc.

Can you imagine Bibi Netanyahu telling a group of settlers (why do they all sound like Murkins?) that they have to return to the "filthy Arabs" (resources which) Israelis have grown accustiomed to considering their own?

Neither can I...

The Palestinians have no "organized" means of resistance, no ADF to counter the IDF, no jet fighters, no tanks, no white phosphorous, no napalm, no Apache choppers with hellfire missiles...So they use what they have...Say, didn't you ever see Red Dawn? ·

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