Monday, February 15, 2010

Why "President Shamwow?"

I am sometimes asked why I refer to our Chief Executive in such a dismissive, unrespectful way. Here's my answer, a reply to a correspondent on FaceBook which, though it may be somewhat incomplete still, opretty well distills the meaning:
Why "President Shamwow?"

Everyone's seen the ubiquitous, obnoxious Shamwow ads. They absorb EVERYTHING (and in doing so, relieve the "spillers" from the responsibility of their stained, stinky fuck-ups).

Well, imho, that's Obama's job: to absorb all the shitty, dirty water left behind by the last 50 years of Oligarchic excess, while deflecting responsibility away from those truly responsibile. His race plays a big role here, because when Obama fucks up, it won't be a "WHITE" oligarch doing it, it will "that socialist fuukin negro."

I toyed with the moniker "Prez. Febreez H. Shamwow," to capture the whole dynamic, but figgered it might be misunderstood, not as generic sarcasm but as racial stereotyping. But it's apropos, too, since one main reason for his candidacy was to cover over the stench of endemic USer racism.

The Shamwow presidency has at least four distinct advantages for the white oligarchy:
1) it moves criticism off them and onto a willing and ready scapegoat (Obama's job is to become the most despised man in Murka);

2) it places the blame on those not able to reject it;

3)it definitely (dis)colors and probably disqualifies any future "novelty" candidacy, and

4) it opens the door for the next wave of fascisti who be "elected" by and for being Not Obama, just Shamwow was Not Bush...

Why, yes, I am a dreadful cynic. Why do you ask...


bo said...

Ola, WGG.

It took me a bit, but after the HCR debacle, I've enthroned Obama as Chicken Caesar the Second.

Though lacking the oafish bellicosity of his predecessor, his continued insistence on finding bipartisanship and refusal to use the power he had in DC make him a worthy bearer of the name.

Suzan said...

I'm sad to say that I knew what was coming immediately after seeing your title on my "Favorites" list.

Cannot believe we elected a paper towel deluxe.

Thanks for all you do!