Saturday, July 10, 2010

For Sharri'an Angle, A Dose Of OUTSTANDING Invective

A FB pal Jack Cluth wrote this, and it's as fine an exercise in PAINFULLY restrained invective as I have read in a LONG time:
Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle has moderated a host of policy positions in her transition from a primary candidate to general election contender battling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. One thing she has not backed away from has been her insistence that abortion should be outlawed universally, even in cases of rape and incest. In a radio interview Angle did in late June, the Tea Party favorite re-affirmed her pro-life sensibilities (rigid, as they are, even within Republican circles), when she insisted that a young girl raped by her father should know that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Much good can come from a horrific situation like that, Angle added. Lemons can be made into lemonade.
And here’s today’s communique from the Miserable Excuse For A Human Being Dept.:

There’s clueless. There’s mean-spirited. There’s completely devoid of compassion and humanity. Then there’s Sharron Angle, who takes all of these qualities to disturbing, rarely-plumbed depths…even for your average Republican. Let’s face it, y’all; Angle IS a miserable excuse for a human being, a woman who was born on third base and thinks she hit a triple (apologies to the late Ann Richards). In her world, the bad things that happen to others are merely lemons with one should make lemonade…because that’s What Jesus Would Do. It’s easy to play the heartless Pollyanna when suffering is merely an abstract concept because it’s happening to someone else. Jeebus, if Obtuse Angle (apologies to Keith Olbermann) were any farther to the right and lacking in compassion, she be advocating that female adulterers be stoned in the village square and that women pregnant out of wedlock be shamed and sent to convents, there to toil at hard labor until the little bastard is born.

It’s difficult to even know where to begin with someone as miserably black-hearted, mean-spirited, and judgmentally intolerant as Angle. With each progressively more brain-dead and inhuman pronouncement, Angle sits in judgment of others with a beatific smile on her face, secure in the knowledge that she isn’t perfect, just forgiven by a God who is. Angle is, of course, free to believe as she sees fit. Nonetheless, in running for a Senate seat in Nevada, she wants to represent all Nevadans, most of whom (thankfully) aren’t as mercilessly intolerant as she is. Of course, now that she’s the GOP nominee, she’s scrubbed her website of all the really loony stuff (making abortion illegal under any and all circumstances, scrapping Social Security, etc.). Just as a zebra isn’t going to change their stripes, neither is Angle about to renounce or even rehabilitate her prior views. Oh, she’ll talk about “softening” her stances…which is code for saying that she’ll do or say whatever she needs to in order to get elected. Sounds like someone’s been hanging around John McCain, eh?

I can only hope that Nevadans will see Sharron Angle for the evil, heartless harpie she is. And I also hope that there will be a very special place reserved for her in Hell. To paraphrase Keith Olbermann, that woman’s an idiot.
I'll just leave it at that.

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