Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Russians Are to speak

I got seduced by a Russian spy one time.
No, really. Well, a Soviet spy. Those wide, smoldering, grey slavic eyes!!!!!
And I didn't tumble to the fact.
The name I knew her by was Marina, and she said she was a refugee from Riga, Latvia.
I was in the Air Force at the time, serving in a pretty secretive outfit, with a high security clearance. They told me about her after the Germans deported her and her whole "family."
She lived out in the country. I'd pick her up, we'd go to the little local bier-stubbe, then drive out into the woods and fuck. I was 20. It was great!

However, I don't know what she was interested in. I didn't know anything.

I got a high clearance to move and process sensitive information, but I didn't understand very much of it. I knew about the attack on the USS Liberty as it was happening, for example. And we talked about it in the shop, and we talked about it to survivors, but I couldn't have discussed it with her, because i didn't speak enough German and her English wasn't terrific.

An ill-trained agent?. But I guess the stakes weren't too high.

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