Monday, July 12, 2010

If There Were Corporate Capital Punishment, Nobody Deserves It More

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Charles D said...

And why isn't there corporate capital punishment? And for that matter, corporate arrest and detention, and remand?

If these legal fictions want all the rights of persons, then we have to figure out how to make them equal persons before the law. If any of us committed an obviously reckless act that caused the deaths of 11 people and untold billions in property damage, would we be walking the streets? Would NPR be doing crybaby stories on how cash-strapped we might be if we had to pay for the damage we caused? Seems to me the equivalent of being thrown in the slammer for BP would be to call a screeching halt to their profits, seize their assets and funnel everything into the cleanup.

Instead the Obaminator is not only letting them do as little as they like with the cleanup and limiting their liability, he's got every law enforcement agency from Deputy Dawg to the Coast Guard helping cover up their negligence so the Murkin people won't find out how completely fucked they are.