Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Folks "Offended" By Use of "Gringo" In NPR Interview? BWAHAHAHA

Where Woody lives, "Gringo" is tame. Hereabouts, the dominant latino culture refers to us Anglos as "gabachos" (gabacho = French idiot), "güeros"(pronounced 'wheros' = light-skinned), "bolillos" (white-bread, French roll they love) and "yanquis" (imperialists), and my friend Cheeser from El Modena came up with anglosangrones (Anglo assholes)...

Cenk IS correct about this: The FRucktard Right is gearing up to bring down NPR/PBS, and O'Bama will fold on that issue, if the GOPukes press it really hard, like he's folded on EVERY OTHER big GOPuke point, like the empty fucking suit he is.

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Flying Junior said...

I was listening when Daisy came on the air. As soon as I heard her argument, I immediately flipped the radio off. Not for any obvious reason. I have railed against the Minutemen, Governor Brewer, Brian Bilbray, (who incidentally ran for U.S. Representative listing his career as Immigration Consultant,) or for any lack of sympathy for the Latin population of the southwest. I have made friends in California, New Mexico and Texas among this population. In general, they seem wonderfully sweet and genuine. I still have dozens of Latino friends in San Diego. I hate the way republicans victimize and scapegoat them for every imaginable problem or social injustice.

Still I thought Daisy's point was peripheral and unnecessary. For one thing, I've never heard of a psycho killer who was a Mexican. Clearly this is a tempest in a teapot. Completely phony. Gringo schmingo. I have never once heard that word used in a derogatory or hostile fashion. It's always in a friendly, laughing way.

Gentlemen's bet, Seňor Woody Gringo, Obama just ignores this foolishness as so much trollery or really does take a stand.