Sunday, January 23, 2011

"For The Love Of God, Shut The FUCK Up!"

I am utterly SMITTEN by this young woman, a Romanian emigre, I believe; Eastern European, in any case. She reveals a subtlety of perception and a clarity of analysis that her apparent youth might belie, and are probably unmatched by any other "web"-lebrity within 15 years of her age.


Flying Junior said...

Sure, Wood. Delusional people are really a big problem. Let's outlaw church prayer. Something really does need to be done.

She is hot. But the ranting doesn't really quicken my pulse all that much. The accent? Now that's a horse of a different color! Humma-Humma!

Mr. Pelican said...

She's right, of course. You, on the other hand are a bit behind the times....... I allude to your breath-wasters to the right. Pelosi needs to be moved to to the ex-officio breath waster column, or perhaps just moved to, say ALASKA, while The Right Honorable Boner is now the Sneaker of the House. We should have called her(Pelosi) Squeaker of the House. Would have been more appropos , considering her pallid leadership.