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Background (via Amato/BlueAmerica):
The Packers are the model sports franchise, because there are no greedy owners demanding profits over people and players above everything else. Check out this great article on ESPN, written by Patrick Hruby, called: "The right way? The Green Bay way Here's how to fix professional sports in one simple lesson: Use the Packers model"

Since 1923, Green Bay has been the only publicly owned, nonprofit major professional sports team in the nation. And that doesn't just make the franchise a charming anachronism, or the answer to a barstool trivia question.

It makes them an example. A case study. A working model for a better way to organize and administer pro sports.

Namely, through public ownership, a system that could mitigate some of the most irritating ills plaguing our games -- and with little downside, to boot.

Provided you're a fan, that is. And not, say, Jerry on

And here's follow-up from Cenk @ TYT:
P.S.: Jerry Jones, the Arkie bazillionaire who owns the Dallas Cowboys--in which stadium (built with public money) the contest will be palyed--is gonna charge folks $200 just to stand OUTSIDE the stadium, in the freezing fucking cold just to watch on huge monitors.

Probably charge to use the fucking porta-potties, too, the shitwhitsles.

(It will also surprise no one that three of the biggest crooks, scammers, and "anything-it-takes" bastards on the national sports stage over the last 30 years--Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, and Jerry Jones--are all joined together at the Cowboy's wallet.)

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Mr. Pelican said...

my friend Tristan and her family gave
their dad stock in the Pack for his 65 birthday. He's very proud of it.
They wanted to send him to a packers game, but they're sold out 10 years in advance, and he's 75 now. Still, he likes his packers.