Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moar Eleven Dimensional Chess? Or Was It Checkers? Backgammon?

In a piece on the US News blog titled "Obama Tax Deal Left GOP Without Jobs and Unemployment Answers," Robert Schlessinger seems to be trying to argue that O'Bama is making one of those '11-dimensional chess' against the wily GOP, luring them deeper into his lair and snares, where they will HAVE soon to reflect on their misbehavior and change their delinquent ways.

This argument's designed to suggest that, by playing directly into the hands of the obstructionist GOP, O'Bama somehow deprives them of "moral" cover, by 'requiring' solutions of them commensurate with their regained 'power.'

Subtle, were it but true.

The facts of the case, til now, however, appear to suggest the Pukes are still on the previous all-obstructionism, all-the-time tack, and feel no compulsion to provide any more than cosmetic platitudes and time (and campaign)-tested nostrums to the queries O'Bama delivers.

The Pukes don't feel obliged to answer because they do not recognize the legitimacy of the Dims, or (and especially) the President, to ask, much less to to require them to produce any. Bill O'Reilly's demeanor toward "ThePrez" epitomized their disdain and disregard for him, as if he were an uppity house-boy who was trying to cover his ass after being caught in the pantry with the maid.

Schlessinger is only right to the extent that the Pukes have retreated from their avowed intention to destroy O'Bama and delegitimate the Dims as potential heirs to power ever again. This is the direst form of legislative/political civil war, and the Dims will emerge from it, if they lose, forever afterwards 'second-class citizens' and the party of "second-class citizens."

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