Wednesday, February 09, 2011

No! Really? Nobody Would EVER Imagine Such A Thing

The LATimes (building pictured at the right) has a real hard-on against the LA Unified School System and the teachers' unions (which latter obsession they share wit St. Barry, who wants to break them).

So much so that last year, the paper took the measure of spuriously and scurrilously publicizing, and willfully misinterpreting, student test scores for individual teachers' classes. One teacher ultimately killed himself from humiliation. That their analysis was based on a flawed, unreliable, and specious methodology they NEVER admitted, while slandering the teachers in the system.

Now the feculent rag is lying about its "mandate" to publish. Via FAIR:
LAT Invents Support for LAT Series on Teacher Testing
02/08/2011 by Peter Hart
The L.A. Times' controversial investigation last year that rated Los Angeles schoolteachers' effectiveness based on a value-added research method has faced a storm of criticism. (See Wayne Au's recent Rethinking Schools piece.)

Now the National Education Policy Center has weighed in, finding that the research "was demonstrably inadequate to support the published rankings."

The NEPC was covered in the Washington Post and, wouldn't you know it, the Los Angeles Times.

Below are the headlines. Go ahead and guess which one is which.
Researchers Fault L.A. Times Methods in Analysis of California Teachers

Separate Study Confirms Many Los Angeles Times Findings on Teacher Effectiveness
The LA Times: Once a Great Paper, now a bum-rag for the CorpoRats.

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