Friday, May 23, 2008

Glory, Glory Mall-elulia!

Ah, Memorial Day! The first really big shopping holiday of the Summer.

Oh, yeah, it's supposed to commemorate the sacrifices of our war dead.

Mostly they died in vain, for somebody else's vanity.

We celebrate 'em by buying crap to assuage our own emptiness.

Refrigerators! Wide-screen teevees! I-Pods!

They died so we could shop!

The Battle-Hymn of the Republic(ans)

Our eyes have seen the the passing of the age of easy oil,
We've ruined the environment, there's not much left to spoil.
We're frogs inside a casserole, just waiting for the boil,
Of the economy!

Oh, Glory, Glory Mall-elulia!
Buy a new AC to cool ya,
Or a tank of gas to fuel ya!
God Save the Economy!

(Adit: I'm fond of this, gonna leave it here up top all weekend. I've added new material at The Lamb.)

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Anonymous said...

It's Memorial Day now. Remember.