Thursday, May 01, 2008

What Shall We Do With The Busheviks?

I propose a contest.
Devise the solution which best, but also most symbolically, disposes of the members of the out-going regime.

I was stimulated in this by a comment over at Digby's place:
If Bush (and all the Bushes) were to become paupers and spend the rest of their natural lives living with the Mole People in the abandonded subway tunnels deep beneath New York City, that would be "paying a price".
R U Reddy | 05.01.08 - 4:02 am
To which a wag inquired as to what the mole people had done to deserve that...
This was/is my idea:
What if we put 'em all together on an island, like in a reality show. And every week, instead of kicking one of 'em off the island, they had to kill and eat one of their own. Give the survivor immunity and a $20 Million. Film the whole thing, serialize it world-wide, syndicate it in re-runs. We'd balance the budget in a year.
It has since occurred to me that an even more iconic/ironic fillip might be to make them all sit around playing no-limit poker to decide the weekly sacrifice, since that is in fact the contemporary activity in current cultural currency which most closely resembles their conduct during the whole of their dishonorable and disreputable tenure in office. They're a bunch of fucking tin-horns gambling with our lives. I'd like to see'em gambling for their OWN miserable existences, with the same stakes...

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shrimplate said...

They'd lose any game in which they were not allowed to make up all the rules.