Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Candidate Who Does Not Promise To Shut Homeland Security Dept

is serious about protecting the civil rights and liberties of American citizens.. That should be totally non-negotiable. (NKV)DHS is a threat to USer's liberties, no protector of them, and MUST GO!

Of course, Bombin' Johnnie has no plans in that direction.

And naturally, neither of the Rockefeller Pukes--Clinton/Obama--masquerading as "Democrats" for purposes of maintaining the farce that there's really a difference between Pukes and Dims has any mention of it in their prospective platforms, either. The differences are only in the spelling of their names; otherwise they're just the same plutocrats and oligarchs making money.

The Department of Homeland Security is a major, unilluminated threat to Americans' liberties. All it lacks to assume the mantle of the Murkin NKVD is an army, and with Blackwater, et al, they're working on that.

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