Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I have spent the day today as an election judge in a smallish precinct where 75 Dims and about 25 Pukes showed up (out of about 450 eligible voters) to name their candidates for the NM General Election.

Based on what is, admittedly, not actually scentific data but rather is mostly anecdote, probably 35-40 percent of my fellow (NM) citizens do NOT have the mental capacity to cast a knowledgeable ballot.

That that percentage of the population which would have to relinquish their 'smart' seats on the bus to a box of fucking rocks renders the whole ideal of an informed electorate a mad, impossible delusion


Alexandra said...

I think you may be the only sane person I know--certainly the only one that makes me laugh.

Mr. Pelican said...

I believe it was Jefferson who wanted to make property a qualification for voting. Where's the sense in that, though? Just 'cuz you rich don' make you smart. The G of Pulchritude is walking proof of that. Consider the gasbags on talk radio; educated
( after a fashion) but they probably vote emotional issues, just like their braindead audiences. Who, really, does not, when it comes down to it?
Where our differences lie is in which end of the emotional register our views appear. We are all entitled to our opinions( wrong as they may be, by my way of thinking) but to muzzle the other fellow is just what George II has just spent 7 + years trying to do. It was wrong of him and his slime ball douche-bag right wing fucktards, so it will be wrong of us to do the same. Idiots must have their say. Unfortunately idiots sometimes outnumber the rest of us, which is just a fact of life which must be endured.

Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

One fella, after plagueing the table because because his name was apparently not on the list, in the end staunchly refused to vote at all when told he could not vot 'straight Democrat' in the primary...