Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bombin' Johnnie Thinks "We" Need a "Psychological Boost." Here's one:

So he thinks we should drill ANWAR and the coastal zones. It's the patriotic thing to do, and the people need symbolic guidance. It won't impprove the energy picture, but it would have 'a psychological impact' which might drive down Prices-At-The-Pump.

So, Johnnie, you feckless criminal, here's a scenario to play wit: The guy on the right, here, with the wattle fat enough to refloat the fucking Titanic, is Lee Raymond, former CEO of Exxon/Mobil and arguably one of the richest and most successful oil speculators in the world. If oil and energy are actually 'national security matters,' Raymond is one of a couple of hundred men and women who have manipulated the price of this vital national security resource for their own personal gain. That, my friends, is a hanging offense.

So, just think of the psychological impact of the following: On National Television (Faux?), we see the weeping Raymond dragged from a cell, wearing a sign that reads "OIL PROFITEER;" he's then forced to dig his own grave, then stripped to his skivvies, when he is knelt at the brink of his hole, where an un-smiling police official puts a couple of .22 cal slugs in the back of his head, and kicks the gelatinous corpse out of sight. Talk about psychological impact!

That's the way the Chinese do it...Mebbe the deterrence angle is a little weak, but it cuts hell outta recidivism...

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