Friday, June 13, 2008

I started a new blog: A Chinchilla of Hope

There I shall be recounting and chronicling as much, and as honestly, as possible my baby Lila's (and my) battle with her cancer. There's a couple of posts there now. Don't focus on any one post, please; they're an evolving body of knowledge...

There's a bunch of research that suggests writing about stuff actually contributes to measurable amelioration of cewrtain kinds of difficulties. When I usta teach writing, it was on the basis that I, at least, needed to write in order to learn what I knew and how I knew it. I approach this with the same spirit.

I'm gonna try to be as real throughout this as I can be, but I might not get everything "right." This is a pretty emotional topic for me. Feelings can obtrude.

Lila (she's a fuukin ROCK) and I (a bit less so) would both be grateful if you bent your positive thoughts and good vibes her way. She's my bright, shining light.

And if anybody knows how I can stick a chinchilla image into the flag atop the blog, I'd be appreciative of the hint...

(NB: Chinchilla sketch by KDAVIES; used without permission)


Lil' Red Ridin In Tha' Hood said...

You are both in our thoughts. I wish you both peace, easier said than done I know. You have a lot of friends out there that care about you and Lila and wish the very best, please know that.

Margot said...

Hi Woody,
I'll be sending those good thoughts your and Lila's way.