Monday, June 16, 2008

I Smell A Contest

Recently Bombin' John made an appearance at which, behind him, was a green screen.

As soon as I saw this, , I thought, Gee, Judy, why don't we have a contest? I do NOT recommend that anybody actually watch the thing.

Stephen Colbert--or one of his writers--had the same idea, issuing one the infamous "Green Screen" challenges. Many many many entrants clog and congest YouTube. Nor have bloggers been immune.

Both SadlyNo nor The Poorman were immune to temptation. This one: Is very good...

Somebody over on MLW the other day was knocking the assertion by somebody else that the blogs, but this whole new-wave vid/pod/phone culture was creating at least the conditions of possiblity for a new wave "revolution." I think that, as long as the corporate hegemons don't close down the portals, having such a reservoir of talent, much of it the equal of Thomas Nast for character assasination, might level the playing field.


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