Thursday, June 12, 2008

National Press Club Grants Imprimatur To Obama Slurs

From FDL: A video has been circulating the internet showing a man, Larry Sinclair, speaking to camera making slanderous claims about Senator Barack Obama. These claims are demonstratably false, and don't bear repeating here, or in any venue. Which is why it is shocking that the National Press Club is offering a him a spot on the national stage on June 18.

Please take a moment to ask the National Press Club to check the facts before giving Larry Sinclair a bully pulpit. Also, if you have a moment please consider calling the National Press Club at 202-662-7500, and politely but firmly petition them verbally.
Follow the link to the page, and sign the petition. as i commented on with my signature:
I more than half suspect that if some beat-up ol' hippie/freak vet showed up claiming to have been bombin' John's butt-baby in the Saigon Hilton, that individual would not be able to tell us his story under the (implicit) imprimatur of the National Press Club without some serious vetting, first, would he?
Do your own thing!

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