Sunday, June 22, 2008

Raving Mikey Reagan (Yeah, That Reagan) Wants To Kill People

Not just anyone, of course. Not, for instance, the fascist fux who have trod the Constitution onto the shit-muck under their boots from DC to Bagdhad. Not "Shooter" Cheney, whose demise would set off celestial fireworks like the Second Going. Nope. It may surprise you to learn that Michael Reagan, adopted 'son' of the former but now deceased and rotting Gipper, wants to kill AMERICANS.

No, wait! That's wrong. I malign this fine man. Sorry.

He doesn't want to kill Americans himself. He wants someone else to do it for him (sound familiar?), while he buys the ammunition. Via Huffpost:
Right Wing Talk Host Michael Reagan Calls for Murder of Anti War Activists

On June 13, talk radio host Michael Reagan, the adopted son of former president Ronald Reagan and occasional guest anchor on Fox News, called for the murder of anti-war activists who, according to Reagan, are sending letters to U.S. soldiers arguing that the U.S. government had a role in 9/11.

Reagan told his nationally-syndicated radio audience:
"Take em out and shoot em. . . . You take em out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. . . . Anybody who would do that doesn't deserve to live. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that's what they are. And you shoot em dead. I'll pay for the bullets."
And no, Mikey, you poltroon, you cowardly piece of shit, you got it all wrong. "Traitors" is what you call fux who negotiate with foreign powers when they are NOT elected officials of the Country.

I want more than anything else before I die to shit in the mouth of one of your feculent family. Will it be you? Open wide...

Addendum (@ 9:15 am, MDT, posted on Digby): "If I were to say I thought it appropriate to have Cheney and Bush dig holes, strip to their skivvies, kneel down in the holes, and take two 9mm each to the pan, it would be considered excessive, I bet, and might even get stricken, and myself banned? And I don't even have a national radio broadcast...Go fuukin figger..."


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Hopefully, someone will shoot him in the head soonest.

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Flying Junior said...

Didn't that guy once have a promising future as a dancer? What the hell happened to him, anyway?