Friday, June 20, 2008

Where's The Candidate?

The Dim Bosses--Pelosi, Hoyer, Rodrigues in the House, Rockefeller, and others in the Senate--have made a total sell-out deal with the Busheviks on "retro-active immunity tor the complicit telecoms which broke the law to assist the fascist fux in th ShiteHouse.

The bill. EFF doesn’t like it. The ACLU doesn’t like it. Greenwald has more round-up. Kagro X games it out. The Dodd is opposed; Feingold is opposed; Dodd and Feingold are opposed (we do note that the word ‘filibuster’ does not appear); while Barack Obama, #1 Democrat, is silent.

The point of telecom immunity is to protect the Bush administration - and those in Congress who enabled them - from having to answer for what they have done. There’s no other good reason for it.
if Obama seems reticent about restraining the powers of the President, is it only cuz he wants to hold onto the "get-out-of-jail" option for himself?

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