Friday, October 31, 2008

Old News: CIA-ISI Link To IX/XI


Well, maybe. But it's significant that the guy named in the circumstances is also the guy named by Benazir Bhutto as the assassin of OBL, in Tora Bora, in late 2001, in an interview with David Frost, less than a week before she, herself, was assassinated by the ISI in Pakistan.

Circumstantial? Well, mebbe...but in the good ol' USofA, we convict, imprison, and even execute folks ALL THE TIME on 'circumstantial' evidence.

Subsequent events have shown the Darth Cheney has been the de facto head of ALL USer intelligence activities (as well as the energy programs the intelligence supported) since the very beginning of the Regime.

The Dim Son is far too in-artful to have feigned the shock he manifested in that Florida schoolhouse that day. He was surprised; he didn't know.

But Cheney, a founding member of the PNAC and signatory on the fateful "Pearl Harbor" document, imho, knew EVERYTHING except, maybe, the date and the flight numbers. He/they NEEDED the terror attack, a la/per Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" schema, to cover their plans for the wholesale transformation of the USofA into a police state...


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