Thursday, October 02, 2008

Will SOMEBODY Get Fat-Head Eddie Schultz OFF "Liberal" Radio, PLEASE?

What a big, fat, ginger-haired STUPID (or malevolent) piece of CRAP is Herr Schultz! A certifiable "Dimwit." A "tard" of indefinite, ambiguous orientation. Is there such a thing as a "mid-tard"? That's Fat-head Eddie... It's guys like him who point to the Nazi's appropriation of "socialism" to endorse the claim the "left" is fascistic.

I have never trusted the bloviating narcissist since he 'switched sides,' "became" a "liberal," and started to thrust his 'bigness' into the tiny stricken, struggling stream of 'left-wing' radio.

Today he inadvertently (again, as always) revealed why I was right not to, and why I shall continue to attack his credibility. He has no less desire than to become the "Rush Limbaugh" of the Left.

I caught his segment between around 11:15 and 11:30 am MDT. During that segment, 10-12 minutes max, Schultz COMPLAINED loudly and petulantly that MCCAIN had missed an opporunity to put Obama on the defensive on the economic bailout, and proceeded to outline for the benefit of any McCartman supporters why and how these "opportunities" could be exploited if such should arise again in the future.

I am not making this up. He repeated that claim no fewer than three times, once to his astonished guest Larry Whooha (the WestWing writer/producer guy)I thought I'd mis-heard it the first time. But within a minute or less, he repeated the complaint: McCain had missed a chance. Then he returned to it a third time a few moments later, in the midst of a conversation with "Larry, the Liberal movie guy," to his evident astonishment.

You have to ask yourself: Why would someone who once (baselessly, and without evidence) claimed to be the "quarterback of the Left Wing offense," who touts his own 'Leftiness' as relentlessly as NASCAR steering, and whose proclaimed 'liberal' bias would apparently council the opposite emotions; why would that person sound remorseful or regretful that MCCAIN had missed an opportunity to rhetorically rat-fuck Obama. Because that was indisputably what Fat Ed the fat head was implying.

This is neither the first or only time Big Eddie has (unconsciously?) revealed the money-grubbing wanna-Con coiled in his ample breast. His constant drumbeat extolling the wonders of 'profit,' and the marketplace is one BEEEG FAT tip-off that, if he's playing for our side, he's cheerleading for theirs, and comes mighty close to throwing the game in the process. He turned to "lefty" radio when it became obvious even to him (by 2002) that the slot for the over-weight, 'middull-class,' jockish, bloviating, blowhard, Rightard radio host telling the willing millions of minions the 'truth' was already occupied, and there was not enough money to be made being a "Clonebaugh."

Charitably, perhaps the main problem Ed Schultz has is that he took a few too many hard shots in the backfield. You might even say he's just not very smart. Probably, in fact, it's not an exaggeration to remark that he might be a little brighter than, say, Scarah Palin, but the difference would be (as we usta say in grad school) "statistically insignificant." "Intelligence," per se, obviously, on the evidence of Bush, Palin, Gonzales, Goodling, et al, is not that important for the Rightards. They don't do nuance. You tell them what to think and say, and--as long as the words aren't too long or the sentences too complex--they'll think and say it. Schultzie is noticeably addle-pated, but fiercely opinionated. And he seems to give significant weight to his own opinions, which dependably come down somewhere between the NRA and the NFL. He's THE most obsequious 'interviewer' out there on the left; admittedly not a large population, nevertheless Schultz sucks up more shit than any three other lefty pundits I have ever heard.

He's a defender of the rich and powerful. His instincts are with the GOPukes, you can tell. Kinda like a goy Lieberman of the airwaves...

With 'friends' like the dim-witted Herr Schultz on "our" side, "we" do not need to concern "ourselves" about surviving the onslaughts of the right, when attacks from the inside will disable 'us' just fine....

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Flying Junior said...

Super dickheads Clear Channel flipped San Diego's only liberal talk radio station to sports about a year ago. So, I haven't heard the blustering blowhard Big Eddy in a long-ass time. But I always hated the way he emulated the Rushbo. And he was always too pro-Israel for an anti-war hippy like me. Unbelievably, it is true that the Jewish community still hates the Schwartzes. I know we can't count on them to support Obama.