Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell: Obama Camp's "War Hero?"

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama today.

Obama supporters, sympathizers and acolytes are ecstatic.

But I don't get it.

Powell's spent his entire career ingratiating himself with the Power Elites, beginning already in Vietnam in 1968 when he led what even the DoD later admitted was a "whitewash" of the My Lai incident. His steady advance through field grade and general officer ranks was predicated on his reputation as being 100% for the Corps (alright, he was Army, but you get my meaning). Loyalty was his chief virtue, and he exposed its seamy underside with his slavish devotion to the Bushevik regime from his position as Sec.St., which loyalty he sustained even when the Bushies fired him.

So now this figure, much sullied, deservedly vilified, his reputation for principle in tatters, who lied to BOTH the UN and the American people, repeatedly and intentionally, and who was intimately involved in leading the US into the most disastrous clusterfuck of the last century, perhaps in the entire history of the nation, who was (and permitted himself to be) shamelessly exploited by the Mayberry mafia in the Bush regime (they ran him out to defend indefensible policies because attacks on the policies could be spun as attacks on Powell, who happens to be black; they did and do the same with Sleezy Rice, still), has changed allegiances and endorsed Obama.

This is the same fella who 'endorsed' WMD, and 'endorsed' mobile drug-production trailers, and who endorsed the ICORP, tout suite, is now on OUR side?

Why am I not all shaky with awe and gratitude?

APPENDIX I: (I composed this in the comments of another blog today. It expands one element of the foregoing)
The Cynic in me, never buried deeply, raises his ugly head, tastes the winds, and sniffs "opportunism." Powell's angling for another place at the Govt teat. Sec Def? SCOTUS from his lick-spittle obeisance to Bush/Cheney's international and domestic adventurism? Does he imagine himself a sort of 'Merlin' in the Pentagon, avuncularly and adroitly guiding the young prince Obama through--and gently, cheerily, perhaps even tunefully instructing him in--the rigors of a dangerous world? Is that what's in it for Powell?

Hold me apostate: I do not see how, if at all, much benefit accrues to the Candidate For Change from the endorsement of one of the architects of the crises in which, for the foreseeable future, we're slowly being entombed, like insects in tree resin...

Has Powell ever repudiated his UN speech, with the trailers and the aluminum tubes?

"A good soldier, following orders!"

Hmmmm....where have we heard that before???

At very BEST, Powell allowed himself to be used as a 'human shield' by the Busheviks, to deflect criticism by implication that ANY criticism was an ad hominem attack on Powell rather than a criticism of programs and policies themselves, independent of the mouth being manipulated. The Busheviks used and still use Rice the same way, tactically.

Powell is another bond to the community of continuity that the Candidate For Change has told us he intends, for OUR benefit, to disturb. Powell 'endorsed'--lent his reputation, such as it was, to providing credence for--a LOT of deeply bad, wrong, deadly, criminal shit.

So, how does the CFC benefit? Where does that "endorsement" count?
I wonder about stuff like that. Mebbe that's just me?


Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly. He's just another scumbag and asshole.

Horace Fudpucker

truth machine said...

Why am I not all shaky with awe and gratitude?

Because you're a dunce. Regardless of what we may think of Powell, he is held in high regard -- very high favorables -- and that can sway undecideds; that's why it's good news for Obama and Obama supporters. And, Powell's arguments about McCain's smears and such are valid -- i.e., your argument is ad hominem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your take on Powell's bio, Woodrow, though I think his motives are probably a lot more complex.

But lots of people don't see him that way. And his silence would say something to those folks, just as his endorsement of McCain would.

So having him endorse McCain is okay with me. Plus the point by point argument he made to Brokaw was about as calmed, reasoned and devastating as it can get. -- Sparkle Plenty


Anonymous said...

Be that as it may, if it moves some folks from the Republican camp and/or makes them feel more comfortable in not voting for McCain, then I don't care. There will never be a perfect candidate or a perfect world; all the voter can do is damage control. I understand your motives to be helpfully controversial, but the point is: it would be disastrous to have another term of ..what we've had. Democracy allows change. Sure, sure, I can hear you now "the parties are the same"... not this time baby. There will always be cross over garbage, but I'm glad to vote for Democrats. Stop futzing over the little stuff. The important thing is to replace the current group.