Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ObamaCorp "Phasers" Still Set On "Kill" -- The Shamwow Doctrine

Allan Nairn, on Democracy Now, today:
“I think Obama should be remembered as a great man because of the blow he struck against white racism,” Nairn says. “But once he became president…Obama became a murderer and a terrorist, because the US has a machine that spans the globe, that has the capacity to kill, and Obama has kept it set on kill. He could have flipped the switch and turned it off…but he chose not to do so.” He continues, “In fact, as far as one can tell, Obama seems to have killed more civilians during his first year than Bush did in his first year, and maybe even than Bush killed in his final year.”
Murkins are in a fatally delusionary state if they want to believe that, with OUR drones spreading fear and terror among the indigenes, globally, and with OUR troops implicated directly in the execution of innocent youths--hauling them out of their beds, handcuffing and then shooting them in the head, for only one egregious example--that the relatives, families, and friends of the victims of these atrocities will not seek to exact vengeance on US. Remember what Ward Churchill said about chickens and their propensity to come home to roost?

With the news and supposition over the weekend that there may have been a rogue faction of Bush-Cherney loyalists within the CIA which let the "Hot-Nutz Bomber" through to embarrass the Regime for its seeming willingness at one time to prosecute the 'torture' excesses of the Busheviki, and the recent revelations that Allen Dulles--fired as CIA director by JFK--probably had some hand in the later assassination, it seems to me that the CIA is an institution which has used up its allotted time.

Meanwhile, your "librul" media was conspicuously silent on the following story, which appeared in the USofA only on the innertubez, afaik, about the execution, by USer-led Afghan troops, of as many as EIGHT teenage boys:
The Taliban suicide attack that killed a group of CIA agents in Afghanistan was big news in the U.S. over the past week. The attack took place on a base that was directing U.S. drone aircraft used to attack Taliban leaders. The airwaves and front pages were filled with sympathetic stories referring to the fact that the female station chief, who was among those killed, was the "mother of three children."

But the apparent mass murder of Afghan school children, including one as young as 11 years old, by U.S.-led troops, was pretty much blacked out in the American media. Especially blacked out was the claim by UN investigators that the students had not just been killed but executed, many of them after having first been rousted from their bedrooms and handcuffed.
Izzis a gret cunchry, oar wutt?

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