Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The "Pragmatics" of Prosecuting Torture & Murder Of Detainees

Prez Shamwow CANNOT prosecute the malefactors in this case for a variety of reasons, which I have rehearsed before:
1) Pragmatism (P.1). If Shamwow undertakes to get to the bottom of these murders, he will be in effect writing the warrant that the Pukes will use to come after him when his term expires.
2) Pragmatism (p.2): Remember JFK. He probably was killed on orders of Allen Dulles, for his effrontery in trying to rein in the CIA. If Prez. Shamwow actively prosecutes any CIA operatives, his life wouldn't be worth a plug nickel.
3) Precedent: There is none for investigating, and prosecuting FORMER members of a departed regime for mal- or mis-feasance.
4) Even if it got to trial, all the defendants would have to do would be to plead that they were acting "in the national interest." They'd either get off by straight acquittal or by jury nullification.
5) I doubt you could even empanel an objective jury. It only takes one juror who refuses to agree unanimously do derail a conviction. Still pretty close to 50% of the population would have returned Bushevik McCain for term 3.
I noted during the campaign in '08 and earlier that the one song we'd hear the loudest from whomsoEVER the victor was would be "Justa Walk & Don't Look Back."

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One Fly said...

Look who won tonight. The dark side has rounded third and headed for home.