Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Alliance? We'll See!

The blogs are all abuzz with speculation that disaffected prog/libs, disappointed with Shamwow's betrayals and temporizing, might make "common cause" with the fucknozzles responsible for the Bagger/Birther/Tenther/anti-HCR movement.

I'm not ready to make nice. I wanna know where the fuck these shitwhistles were for the last decade, when Bush/Cheney were shitting on the Constitution, starting illegal wars, massacring innocents around the globe on sheer whim, totally screwing the economy, eviscerating the middle class (which is always an ally of the elites, in the crunch), ignoring the climate crisis, restricting abortion rights, gutting the EPA, among other things.

Here'as a litmus test: Y/N:
  1. Do you support national, non-profit, universal health care?
  2. Do you support a woman's right to chose to abort?
  3. Do you deny global, anthropogenic climate change?
  4. Can you quote ANY book other than the Bible?
  5. Do you support any form of torture, for any reason?
  6. Do you support revoking the PATRIOT Act
  7. Do you support restoring Glass-Steagall and breaking up the TBTF banksters?
Here are the acceptable answers:

Yes; yes; no; yes; no; yes; and yes...

Any other answers--excluding intelligible simulacra of the above--are unaccpetable and you can peddle your papers to some other fucking body...I want nuthin to do widdya.


PR said...

Would shoving a red hot poker three feet up Dick Cheney's ass be torture?

One Fly said...

Careful there PR you might give him an idea.

Anonymous said...

PR, the only problem with that scenario is that Cheney might think a red hot poker is foreplay.