Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arrest the Pope!

Recent revelations about the complicity of then-Cardinal Ratzinger (Ratzi, the Nazi; now Pope Benedict) in the centuries-long (really; first reports surfaced in the 4th Century, CE) cover-up of the global scandal surrounding the pandemic of predatory, priestly pederastic perversion suggest the then-director of the Office of the Inquisition was actively involved in covering-up the extent and scope of clerical sexual predation throughout the Church, in Ireland, Italy, Germany, and the USofA, of which there are details available, abnd probably elsewhere (why not?); involvement that may extend back perhaps even as early as his tenure as the Arch-bishop of Munich.

If true, and there is little doubt that it is, this would make the Pope either a co-conspirator or an accessory-after-the-fact in hundreds, perhaps thousands of felonies.

Warrants for the Pope's arrest or detainment should be forthcoming from every district or venue wherein there have been reports of priestly abuse.

Perhaps he wouldn't be arrested, but it would keep the evil fuck confined inh the Vatican like a fugitive.

Which couldn't be ALL bad.


Liberality said...

It's clear that whatever moral authority folks might have given him is now completely suspect. FAIL--Catholic Church!!!

Wolf Frankula said...

Long past time for the Italian Republic to close Ratzi's little playhouse down. Turn it into a museum and send Ratzi, Barney Law and the rest of the crooked bankers, child rapists and money launderers to prison.