Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Dog That Didn't Bark

Will Pitt is right, of course. The elephant in the room is the almost decade-long clusterfuck that was the GWBush regime.

But it is disingenuous to demand the "Press" fix the imbalance. The "press", now more than ever, just reports. It doesn't actively participate in partisan fact-finding. If the Shazamistas want to make public the Bushevik debt tot he Republic, they have to MAKE it public.

What's missing is that the Busheviki should be on trial.

That should be the lead item of the news every night: The charges of treason, corruption, malfeasance, illegal wars, shady deals, the deregulation of the entire regulatory infrastructure for the express benefit of their corporat contributors. Crimes against the state and the People. They should be in the dock.

But of course, there is absolutely and utterly NO FUCKING WAY the Shamwow DoJ will endeavor to bring the main malefactors--Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the inner circle of crooks, embezzlers, and gunsels-- to trial. There are four compelling reasons for this oversight:
First: There is no precedent. No member of the upper management of ANY previous regime has EVER been been brought to trial by its successor.

Second: Even if brought to the bar, the miscreants could and undoubtedly would proclaim that as bad as their acts were, they were committed in the course of protecting the country from terror.

Third: Even if the jury considered their case, there are at LEAST 25% of people in the USer jury pool who would be staunch supporters of the Busheviki, who could/would prevent conviction by jury nullification; and

Finally, at the first HINT that Shazama was "going after" Bush/Cheney, the long lnoves on the Right would come out. Obama would finid himself under impeachment threat, at BEST. And the procedings against HIM would begin at the first moment he was no longer in office (2012,imhao)...
Of course, if the Busheviki WERE on trial, Pitt's complaint here that the Busheviki wholesale escape from complicity in, and responsibility for, the troubles that Shamwow faces is would not be forgotten

This is not a media problem, per se. Yes the SCUM, being the house organs of the corporat establishment and the governiong arm of the ciorporate want the fiascoes and clusterfucks of the Busheviki forgotten. But that was, I cannot help believing, part of the deal by which Shazama landed in the WhiteHouse.

Shamwow (though Hillary would have faced the same opposition, it would have been gender rather than race specific) occupies the position he does because he is--by virtue of his firstness--a sufficiently sturdy and absorbent cloth with which to soak up the 30-40 years of white corporat clusterfucks for which they are desperate to escape accountability. Bingo: The first black (or female)'ve got yer sturdy scapegoat...

And, with the Peace Prize, and two cosmetic "victories" in 'social legislation," along with his "firstness," Prez. Shazama is destined already for the highest ranks of the USer political pantheon, along with JFK, MLK, RFK, FDR, and Lincoln; and with any luck, he'll survive the rest of the journey...

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